Buffalo Carpet Grass

Beautiful, dense growth and lush, dark green colour year round


Suitable for sun, dappled shade, heavy shade


Mow regularly to 30-60mm


Drought tolerant, non-invasive, hard-wearing


Non-invasive, hard-wearing, thrives with regular water and fertilising
Versatile grass for tropical, sub-tropical and temperate regions


about buffalo carpet Grass

Buffalo is a beautiful looking, no-fuss residential lawn that maintains a rich, dark green colour throughout the year. Its soft feel under foot, lush aesthetic and dense growth prevents weeds, making it an excellent choice for home gardens. A hardy and warm season grass, Buffalo is ideal for North Queensland’s tropical climate, but just as happily tolerates more temperate regions as well as medium to heavily shaded areas. Does better in areas not prone to drought, particularly if fertilized a couple of times a year, non-invasive and with excellent wear and recovery properties, Buffalo is easy to maintain and regular mowing at a height between 30-60mm will keep this popular lawn choice right along Australia’s east coast looking its best.

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