Grand Prix Turf

Dense and spongy underfoot


Full sun or part shade


Low Maintenance with a mow height of 10mm – 30mm


Drought and heat tolerant


Excellent wear and recuperative qualities


Highly suitable for sub-tropical and tropical climates


about grand prix turf

Grand Prix is a fine-medium textured, high-performance member of the Couch family.  With its fine leaves and deep green colour, it is densely packed and spongey to walk on making it ideal for sporting fields, especially golfing tees. Grand Prix develops an exceptional root system allowing it to deliver excellent wear tolerance and recovery characteristics and is used with great success on the Course Proper of both Townsville Race Track and Eagle Farm Racecourse; Melbourne Cricket Ground; Allan Border Field, Skilled Stadium Resort Gold Coast and Capitol Hill in Canberra, demonstrating its versatility in sub-tropical, tropical and temperate climates alike. Preferring full sun but tolerating shady environments and with a low water requirement, best results are achieved when mowing is kept between 10mm – 30mm.

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