Zoysia Turf

Soft and dense underfoot with no irritating qualities for adults, children or pets


Prefers full sun but very good tolerance to shade


Low maintenance with a mow height of 40mm


Heat tolerant, requiring less water and fertilizer


Less weeds and pests


Excellent wearing and recuperative rates


about zoysia ZTII turf

An ideal drought resistant, warm season grass and known for its ability to withstand heat. Zoysia forms a dense carpet underfoot, so dense that few lawn weeds can penetrate, making it an ideal residential lawn. With a fine, lime green leaf and with dense traffic-tolerant growth, Zoysia prefers sun, but will happily tolerate light to medium shade. Once established, it requires infrequent fertilizing and low water, returning year after year, even in the harshest conditions. A feature characteristic is a natural resistance to many common weeds, pests and diseases. Best results are achieved with frequent water in the early stages to encourage deep root growth. Kept at a height of 40mm, as a slower growing grass, Zoysia requires less frequent mowing.

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